Azrael or Simply Death

FB_IMG_1510176903988In a flowing black robe covering a skeletal frame and armed with a scythe, Death hides in the shadows with only one responsibility – taking your soul. The last breathe of life is either welcomed or feared. Your guide to the afterlife is neither a friend or foe. You may call it an angel, demon, Grim Reaper or simply Death. In the Hebrew bible, Death is named Azrael meaning “Gods helper”.  In Morocco, it is customary to bury the dead facing south towards Mecca in hopes that the fate of the soul will be determined on judgement day. Those who grieve will wear white, and the spirit will either enter heaven or hell. Then, a journey will begin. You will remember the past starting at birth, and relive every happiness, sadness, doubt, anger, pain and love. Will you have regret?

Who will Death take in Morocco?




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