Inspector Barnabas Abbas: Mystery in Morocco

Screenshot_2017-09-24-21-20-44-1After the apparent murder of one of Cairo’s visiting stars and current headliner of Majorelle Operetta, Inspector Barnabas Abbas heads to the theater to investigate (Inspector Barnabas prefers going by his first name). Formally a member of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie, Inspector Barnabas had an unfortunate accident while riding on horseback which has left him absent-minded along with short term memory loss. Just when you think he is about to solve a case something will easily distract him. And the one thing guaranteed to distract him the most is music! When he hears the beat of the tabla he can’t help but dance. Wiggling those hips and shimmying those shoulders he often uses his inspector cape or cane to break into a groove ( The Saidi rhythm is his favorite). Eager to solve the case and return to the Royal Gendarmerie he must prove himself and solve the murder.

Will Inspector Barnabas find himself at the right place at the right time? Will he solve the mystery or will he dance his last dance?


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