The Jeweled Serpent: Mystery in Morocco

FB_IMG_1504482237319-1.jpgThe Jeweled Serpent is as old as time itself. Slow and slithery. Quick and sharp. Seductive and sickening. Beautiful and hideous. Good and evil.  Mysterious. She is the protector of her master – the only one who can tame her double-edged sword. But even her master must be careful. Just as the Jinn, The Jeweled Serpent is a supernatural creature, but instead of the master holding a lamp – the master tames the beast with a flute. However, this is no ordinary flute.  It is the flute of the Egyptian God Ihy.  Ihy was the first child of Hathor (The goddess of music) and Ra (The sun-god).  Ihy was seen as a minor god which angered him so he created a flute to hypnotize all the snakes of Egypt including the feared Jeweled Serpent. This made the people of Egypt fear him and angered Hathor.  One night as Ihy slept, Hathor took his flute and tossed it so that it landed in the Mediterranean sea right next to shores of Morocco where it was found by Morocco’s first snake charmer. Since then every snake charmer knows the story but who is the one who now has the flute?

Who will be a victim of The Jeweled Serpent? Will it be an act of revenge or an accident?  Will the victim die or only be blinded? Who has Ihy’s flute? Will he or she be a victim too?



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