Leyla The Gitana: Mystery in Morocco

FB_IMG_1503443454589The beautiful Leyla is filled with beauty, passion and romance for dance.  Born in Spain, her daring style comes from her heritage. Leyla’s mother trained her from a young age in Flamenco, and being half of Arabic descent she also has a great love for the dances of the middle east. In fact, her father, Abdel Nour, is a well-known musician and composer across Northern Africa. There are high expectations for Leyla to create mesmerizing choreographed performances and keep Majorelle operetta the highlight of Marrakesh’s nightlife.  Leyla is known for her fiery personality both on and off the stage. Just as her mother was drawn to her father Abdel, Leyla is drawn to Hashim, one of the musicians.  As Leyla and Hashim become closer only one person can get in their way – Sabah.  Sabah is not just any ordinary dancer, she is the current queen of Cairo and has traveled to Morroco at the request of Leyla’s father to further entice the audience and become the new headliner. Sabah has a demanding personality and is very flirtatious, especially with Hashim. When Hashim seems to aknowledge and return Sabah’s advances Leyla is heartbroken.

Will Leyla use her heartbreak to advance her artistry or will her heartbreak turn to rage and death?





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