Zophie The Betrayer: Mystery in Morocco

FB_IMG_1504495398791Zophie comes from the Askali, Romani family.  A family that is cursed.  As Persian folklore states, the Romani family is doomed to roam the earth, unable to find peace, due to their greed.  The great King had once given the Romani family prized horses to travel and provide entertainment among the poor, but instead, the family drowned themselves in wine and left the horses to nearly starve. Upset by this, the king had a powerful Sihir place a curse among the family.  Zophie, the eldest daughter of the family and a fortune-teller, has grown tired of wandering.  One night, while her family is sleeping, Zophie tries to escape. She is caught by her younger sister and they quarrel. Overcome by the power of Zophie, the younger sister falls. In a panic, Zophie escapes leaving her injured sister.  Unknowing to what fate has brought her sister, Zophie, claiming a new identity as Sophia, finds herself a home in Morocco and at Majorelle Operetta, the heart of entertainment in Marrakesh. Known for her incredible balance she performs a tea-tray dance with fire.

Zophie becomes the first suspect in the murder. Was Zophie suspicious that the dead dancer knew her true identity? Is she the killer? Will her true identity be revealed? Or can she escape her families curse?



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